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Three Olives Cake

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding, or any other celebration, the occasion always calls out for a cake. I mean, who doesn’t like cake, can anyone honestly say that they don’t love cake? I know a certain someone who loves cake, and it so happens that they love vodka too, so this product from our friends at Three Olives must have been made with them in mind. Made with vodka from the United Kingdom and yet apparently not available in the UK, Cake is one of the most recent in a long line of flavoured vodka’s from Three Olives. Other flavours in the Three Olive line include: root beer, bubble gum, and espresso just to name a few.

As intrigued by the bottle as I was, I initially had trouble figuring out how to enjoy my cake. The obvious choice was to chill it and have shots, but I was looking for something that would allow me to sit back and savour the flavour. By the time I filtered down my search I was left with three options, all of which were shared with me by people who had tried them out. The first was the simplest and least exciting, it was simply cake vodka with a splash of lemon-line soda (pictured to the left). It reminded me of the Rocket candies given out on Halloween, and although some may find it a touch too sweet having it this way, it turned out to be my favourite. Secondly, I had someone tell me that mixing cake vodka with pineapple juice was just like having a slice of pineapple upside-down cake. I have still yet to pick-up some pineapple juice, but I can see that being the drink of choice for someone who is looking to tone down the sweetness. Finally, a bartender told me that layering a full ounce of cake vodka with half an ounce of both creme de cacao and cherry brandy would make a black forest cake shot. As splendid as this drink sounds, and as much as I enjoy having fancy new drinks, I would much rather spend my time enjoying my drink than fiddling around trying to prepare it.

To be fair, I haven’t had a great deal of Three Olives Cake, but I have enjoyed what little I’ve had, and should I have the motivation I will attempt to try it in different ways. There are so many exciting new products to try, I hope that they too will have the flavour and quality of Three Olives Cake. With that I must commend Three Olives for breaking away from the traditional flavoured vodkas and producing a line of unconventional and utterly delicious products. I anxiously await their newest creation….. S’mores anyone?

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