Cocktails – Maple Pancakes

Maple PancakesIf two spirits were ever meant to get married, this would be the happy couple. I was first introduced to Crown Royal Maple Finished late last year, and it was love at first taste. The sweet, subtle tones of the maple finish added another element to an already cherished whisky. Whether consumed neat, or with added cola, this is the whisky for people who don’t like whisky.

Over the past year or two, there has been a trend to develop spirits based on dessert flavours, like Three Olives Cake, and the sales of these spirits seem to be flourishing. Over the past few months I have noticed some of the following new flavours: whipped cream, glazed donut, assorted sorbets, and red licorice just to name a few. When I first spotted Blueberry Pancakes by McGuinness, I took very little notice. I first began to think what I could use as mix, and then I had my revelation. What is the one thing you need for a big stack of blueberry pancakes? Maple syrup.

The more I thought about it, the more mixing the two drinks together made sense. A couple of weeks later, as I was hosting some friends, I was asked if it was better to mix the Crown Royal Maple with cola, or to have it neat. I was about to state that it didn’t matter, as either would be a fine drink, before I remembered the bottle of Blueberry Pancakes in the cupboard. I leaped out of the chair, grabbed a number of shot glasses and started pouring. The reaction was unanimous, these two were made for each other.

  • 1 oz Crown Royal Maple Finished
  • 1 oz McGuinness Blueberry Pancakes

The drink it self is easy enough to make, put equal parts in a shot glass, and make it disappear. I’ve only served the drink with the two spirits at room temperature, but chilling the pancake liqueur may make the drink a little more palatable for those who are not drinkers of strong spirits.

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Cocktails – Irish Waterfall

When I first heard about this drink, I was completely put off, and had no intentions of trying one. Amazingly, all I needed was a couple drinks to get passed what I thought was going to be a vile concoction (much like how I view a prairie fire) and actaully enjoy my shooter. Best ordered at a bar, but still can be done at home, it’s another quick and easy shooter that is much more delightful than it sounds.

  • 3/4 oz Bailey’s
  • Top with Guinness Draught

It’s easier to make when you have your Guinness on draught, but can still be done with a can. Simply pour your Bailey’s into a shot glass and top with a touch of Guinness. My experiences with the drink have been with Bailey’s at room temperature, but I imagine it could be just as nice, if not better with Bailey’s that has been chilled.

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Cocktails – Porn Star

I don’t know if I would class this drink as a cocktail, it’s certainly more of a shooter, but regardless, it’s a one heck of a drink. My first experience with a Porn Star (a slight pun intended) was at a local pub after our team’s softball game. We were trying out a new pub that was sponsoring our league, and so too were a number of other teams, and the kitchen was not prepared to handle all the orders it was receiving. Nearly half an hour had passed and there was still no sign of our chicken wings, when a waitress came to our table with a platter full of shots, the pub’s way of apologizing for the wait. No sooner had the tray been placed on the table, and Porn Star number one was gone. It was love at first taste, and since then the Porn Star has been a fan favourite whenever the situation calls for a shot. A simple of recipe of two liqueurs, and best served ice-cold.

  • 1 oz Sour Puss Raspberry
  • 1 oz Blue Curacao

Simply pour each liqueur into a tall shot glass and enjoy.

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Cocktails – Woo Woo

I first had this cocktail in TIGER TIGER, a bar in the centre of Newcastle. It’s a very simple, yet highly addictive. It stays with my theme of having few ingredients, that are easily accessible and require little preparation. Originally ordered by the pitcher, I’ve provided the mix for a single serving.

  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 1.5 oz peach schnapps
  • lengthen with cranberry juice

It works well together. The tartness of the cranberry juice is mellowed by the sweetness of the schnapps, and the vodka is essentially just additional alcohol. Feel free to be a little more liberal with your measures if you are so inclined. This can be a cocktail that is savoured all night, or it can give you a running start towards an evening of debauchery.

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Cocktails – Purple Juice

My first recipe I’m going to post is an old favourite. I call it Purple Juice, and it’s a quick three ingredient drink perfect for sitting out by the BBQ.

  • 2 oz Sourz Mixed Berry / Sourz Blackcurrant
  • 2 oz Ocean Spray Cranberry/Blueberry Juice
  • 2 oz Club Soda

As you can see, it’s simply equal parts for each ingredient, poured into a glass with a cube or two of ice. I generally make it by the pitcher, and keep it in the fridge. It tastes like Kool-Aid, and is best suited for drinking on the patio or deck.

CAUTION: This drink will stain light coloured clothing.

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