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Hey everyone! After a long, neglectful summer, I have finally made the effort to return to my booze blog.

I will be leaving for the UK soon, so I made sure to add posts for all the distillery tours that I took while on my last visit, and I assure you there will be more posts once I return. I have also added a couple of posts on some of the new drinks that I have sampled over the summer, and if time allows I may have another post or two uploaded before I leave. Thank you everyone for taking an interest in my blog, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed sharing my stories.

Cheers, Fun Bob.

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Welcome Everyone!!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Fun Bob, and I’m here to share with you my love and knowledge of beverage alcohol.

We all like to get together with friends and have a drink, it’s been a part of our social climate for years. Whether it’s a having a beer at the ball game, a mojito on a roof-top patio, or a glass of wine with a meal, drinking always brings us together. In these pages, you’ll find about new drinks, old favourties, cocktail recipes, and some of the tours on which I’ve been. Thank you for joining me on my journey as I explore the world one drink at a time.


Fun Bob

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