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Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana BreadWhen I first saw this bottle on the shelf, my first instinct was that I must have misread the label. On my second look, I confirmed what I had originally saw, someone actually decided to brew a banana bread beer. I have always been the type of drinker that will try anything once, but I must admit when I first saw this product, I had my reservations. Over the past number of years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of beers that have included fruits: Strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and limes just to name a few. One would think it would only be logical to continue the trend with another household favourite, and with that, I scooped up three bottles before I could second guess myself. Even on my way through the parking lot I pondered the wisdom of my decision, but by this time it was too late, and I had no choice but go home and give it a try.

I must admit, I waited nearly two weeks before I made time to sit down and sample my newest discovery. Upon opening the first bottle there was a faint scent of banana, nothing anyone would find overwhelming or overpowering. I gently poured the beer into a standard pint glass, and by the time beer settled, with a nice foamy head, the scent of bananas was incredible. Placing the beer into a glass remarkably improved the strength and scent of the bananas, and the bouquet was reminiscent of fresh baked banana bread that had just been lifted from the oven. The beer itself has a rich amber hue, to go with it’s full creamy body, so there is no mistaking this ale for a lager. There was a little trepidation in my first sip, but once I had a good mouthful, I was pleasantly surprised. It certainly tastes like banana bread, with the slightest hint of walnuts underneath the dominant taste of fresh bananas. It’s a good beer, perhaps not one for an all night session, but one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the flavour of homemade banana bread, or those looking for a new experience. I can only imagine some of the questions consumers would have when they first see this product on the shelf, and yet after my first bottle I only have one:  I wonder if a bottle of this would be included in your five a day?

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