Cocktails – Irish Waterfall

When I first heard about this drink, I was completely put off, and had no intentions of trying one. Amazingly, all I needed was a couple drinks to get passed what I thought was going to be a vile concoction (much like how I view a prairie fire) and actaully enjoy my shooter. Best ordered at a bar, but still can be done at home, it’s another quick and easy shooter that is much more delightful than it sounds.

  • 3/4 oz Bailey’s
  • Top with Guinness Draught

It’s easier to make when you have your Guinness on draught, but can still be done with a can. Simply pour your Bailey’s into a shot glass and top with a touch of Guinness. My experiences with the drink have been with Bailey’s at room temperature, but I imagine it could be just as nice, if not better with Bailey’s that has been chilled.

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